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is about our software cooperating within your enterprise, as it is today, and as it may evolve. We preserve your IT independence with time-tested practices:

  • avoid writing applications that run on specific computers or operating systems
  • avoid closed and non-portable data formats
  • avoid incorporating proprietary tools in our software stack
  • avoid technologies that may not have longevity
  • avoid using products from companies that frequently discontinue products
  • avoid using products for which expertise is difficult to find
  • keep program source at the customer site in contracting engagements
  • provide advice with regard to other software participating in the enterprise


is about maximizing the audience for an application by following some more rules:

  • "bake-in" internationalization, customization, personalization
  • adhere to universal standards on web pages
  • make provisions for mobile devices
  • support SMS as a communication medium
  • produce output in portable or ubiquitous formats like PDF, RTF, XLS, CSV...

"We didn't know custom software could be made for Jewel Wines, but the invoicing system that Independent Reach built for us fits our business so well that we couldn't imagine working without it now."

   ~ John & Phyllis Junor, Jewel Wines

"I am continually impressed with the Fenestratio program. It is user friendly yet precise. Fenestratio creates accurate information which can easily be applied to all aspects of window and door manufacturing, including sales and service. It is the most adaptable program we have found."

   ~ Evan Marykuca, Pioneer Window and Door Mfg. Winnipeg, Canada

"At Western Windows we have extremely high standards for quote presentation. Having decided in March to seriously evaluate Fenestratio, we had such a positive experience that as of May 1 we have become an official user through the Early Adopter program."

   ~ Jeremy Ryan, Western Windows, Calgary, Canada

Latest Projects


For window and door manufacturers and retailers. Address all of your business needs from sales appointments to manufacturing paperwork, purchase orders, service tracking, inventory and accounting entries.

Route Clean

Designed for small dry cleaners to track articles and customers. With an easy to use front counter check in service, a pick up and delivery manager and an employee time tracking module.


Arrange temporary respite care for a period of relief or rest for family members, guardians or caretakers. A mobile app that will match workers and families based on criteria, qualifications and region.


Manage restoration dry cleaning insurance claims. Track your claims progress through inventory, cleaning, packing, and shipping stages. Provide employees with detailed calendar events and customers with thorough reports.


Edible bean processing software. Quantitative account of all beans processed and cleaned, integrated with freight weight system. Tracks beans of different varieties with detailed warehouse mapping and barcode scanning.

From server side to client side, this is what we use.
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